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Sep 1, 2020

In today’s episode we share the results of the COVID-19 survey that the ISDA conducted at the end of April, near the height of the Pandemic in the United States.

The number of participants makes the survey statistically accurate for our association, but not for the general EP/Secure Transportation community. 

The demographics of the ISDA are not similar to the profession in general; Hence we would estimate the data is not statistically accurate for the security professional.

It is ISDA's opinion that COVID 19 has permanently changed the Secure Transportation profession. The security driver and the provider of secure transportation services will need to change how business is done.

There is a significant change with vehicles – cleaning executive vehicles has taken on a significant role in the definition of secure transportation. 

A while back, Vehicle Dynamics Institute’s Joe Autera put together guidelines for disinfecting the executive's vehicle.


These guidelines are to provide professional security drivers and other protection practitioners with best practices for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting executive vehicles in an effort to minimize the risk of exposure to contaminants for drivers and passengers.

Renting Vehicles - The 2019 Executive Vehicle Survey indicated that a majority of those that supply Secure Transportation Services to the corporate community use Rent – A – Vehicles. Recently, I have been told by those working in the entertainment sector of the profession that the clients are using rideshare. 

Anyone who rents a vehicle or uses a rideshare program needs caution; there are serious health implications. A recent study found that these vehicles are bacteria-laden –normal driver actions such as rolling down windows, buckling seatbelts, and grasping door handles and steering wheels in these vehicles, can become a health hazard 

If they are, you can tell then they are entering a vehicle that has more germs than a toilet seat – that's a pleasant thought.

Using rent-a-cars for the principal's vehicle creates a serious issue and problem for the principal's safety. 

There needs to be proof of documentation That the vehicle has been clean and disinfected. Those responsible from the corporate side for the executive protection and safety cannot take the word of the subcontractor that the vehicle is safe for occupancy and that the driver has been vetted and is COVID free. 

Training - If you attended or are sending company personnel to a training program, ensure that the training provider has a COID 19 Plan. 

From VDI – The Tools for Training in the "COVID Age"

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