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Aug 23, 2022

The Introduction to The Science of a Vehicle Ambush – Vehicle Ambush 101

For nearly half a century, ISDA’s founder, Tony Scotti, has been leading the way in understanding the “how” and “why” of vehicle ambushes. Since the mid-’70s, Tony has been conducting forensic analysis of vehicle attacks and distributing his findings to the Ep and Secure Transportation community.

So, in June of 2020, the Omar Garcia Harfuch (OGH) vehicle ambush was not the first time Tony has gone through the painstaking process of accurately analyzing a lethal ambush targeting a high-profile, at-risk individual. However, the Omar García Harfuch “OGH” ambush is one of the first vehicle attacks that was videoed as it was happening. 

Adding the Vehicle Dynamics Institute team to the testing process created unprecedented results in the data collected and the lessons learned. 

Full show notes are available at SecurityDriver.Com

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