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Aug 29, 2018

Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News for Wednesday, August 29th, 2018


In Security News

From US News and Huffington Post

Gaming Tournament Shooting Highlights Security or Lack of It

A shooting in Florida that left three dead, including the shooter, prompted calls from gamers for more security at esports tournaments.

A champion gamer's decision to open fire Sunday afternoon during a video competition — killing two people and wounding nine others before killing himself — has prompted calls from gamers for more security at esports tournaments. 


It's unclear what kind of security was at the event, which was held at a game bar inside a waterfront mall. 

Orlando-based law firm Morgan & Morgan announced that it is filing a negligence lawsuit on behalf of multiple survivors of Sunday’s shooting in Jacksonville, Florida.


US News

Huffington Post




In Cyber Security News

From Business Insider

If you have a Yahoo account, your emails have probably been scanned to figure out what you buy — and they may have been read by employees of the company

If you've got a or an email address, your emails have probably been scanned to figure out what you might buy.


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In Terrorism News


From Small Wars Journal

The Future of Terrorism: The Practitioners’ View

By James Howcroft

Director of the Program on Terrorism and Security Studies at the George C. Marshall Center

The 9/11 Commission identified “lack of imagination” within the counter-terrorism community as a key reason for the failure to stop the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001.  The failure to realize that airplanes themselves could be used as weapons contributed to the fact that the plot was not detected, and appropriate counter-measures were not taken.  It is therefore important for counter-terrorism professionals to try to think from the terrorists’ perspective and to consider possible ways they might adapt and innovate in the future.  The Program on Terrorism and Security Studies (PTSS) at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Germany, brings together counter-terrorism professionals and practitioners from around the world for a month twice a year to study contemporary terrorism and the tools and strategies needed to combat it.  The 68 participants from 48 countries who attended the PTSS in July 2018 were tasked to use their informed imagination and to think of plausible ways that terrorism might evolve within the next ten years.  Participants were asked to provide their assessments in three main areas: motivations, tactics / weapons / technology and likely targets. 

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