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Jul 25, 2018

Larry Snow with the Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News for Wednesday, July 25th, 2018


In Vehicle News

UK motor insurers vote to pool terrorism vehicle risk

Motor insurers writing business in the UK have voted to mutualize risks for terrorist attacks where vehicles are used to kill or injure.



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In Driving News

Who is driving your principal? A question that the ISDA asks quite frequently. A website called Who is Driving You keeps track of all reported incidents of Uber and Lyft drivers.  

The result is a series of incidents involving “ridesharing” passengers being harmed and criminal offenders behind the wheel. Uber and Lyft capture a good percentage of the corporate market, especially with corporate travel programs.

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And from the ISDA

The Executive Vehicle and Secure Transportation Survey has been conducted every two years since 2013. Practitioners who participated in the survey represent the Corporate, High Net Worth, and Private Security community. 37% of the participants are from the corporate community, 23% are from Private Security, and 21% are from High Net Worth. The average years of experience of the participants are approximately 15 years.  The Survey covers all aspects of secure transportation. The goal of the survey is to examine trends and collect data that develop a broader perspective of the secure transportation profession. One of the questions that were asked of the participants was


The results - 46.1% of the participants drive 10 to 50 miles or kilometers per day, and 34.3% drive 51 to 100 miles or kilometers per day. That is a significant distance per day. It is higher than the average individual. According to AAA, the average driver in the US drives 37 miles (60 kilometers) per day. 

These are significant numbers as they equate to time spent in the vehicle with the principal and what amounts to the return on investment (ROI) for a secure transportation. It all centers on how many miles are driven per day and how many hours or minutes the executive is in the vehicle. 70.4% of all executives are driving between 10 to 51 miles or kilometers. Consider that if an executive drove to and from the office that time would be unproductive. What does that time cost the shareholders, and if the company supplies a Security Driver what is their Return on Investment (ROI)? 

MILES DRIVEN                                    PERCENTAGE

Less than 10 miles/kilometers                       7.4%

10-50 miles/kilometers                                  46.1%

51-100 miles/kilometers                                34.3%

More than 150 miles/kilometers                   12.3%

Less than 10 miles/kilometers                       7.4%


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In Terrorism News

From ITPro

UK Government accidentally leaks counter-terrorism tools via Trello

Hundreds of sensitive documents also revealed thanks to poor security settings

Details about the inner workings of the UK government have been accidentally leaked online, thanks to an unsecured use of a web-based project management tool, it is claimed. 


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