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Aug 25, 2018

Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News for Saturday, August 24th, 2018


In Vehicle News

The issue of what happens to the data your principal’s vehicle generates is becoming a serious problem.

The concern over the potential monetization of your executive vehicles' data, including personally identifiable data about your principal— is a controversial and growing topic.

To mitigate the problem, a newly-formed alliance, the Global Alliance for Vehicle Data Access (GAVDA) is a diverse group of global stakeholders and thought leaders united by a common goal of maintaining control by motor vehicle owners over personal and vehicle-generated data have asked the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for a public hearing to help clarify who will control access to vehicle data. 


This is an issue that ISDA will be monitoring.


And from Car and Driver

G-Wagon Revamp

Over the years we have had a lot of experience with the G Wagon and found it to be an impressive vehicle for use in high-risk areas. In our (ISDA) opinion one of the best and most reliable SUV’s for Secure Transportation has not changed much since 1979. Well, that’s no longer correct.

In 2018 you could walk into a Mercedes dealer and buy a brand-new G-Class that had the same dimensions, suspension design and as the first G-Wagon that debuted 39 years ago. 

Walking into the Mercedes Dealer in 2019, and you can buy a completely revamped G-Wagon.




In Driver News

Using the vehicle 

Studies have shown that while cornering (or making an emergency maneuver), the average driver can use only 40 % to 55 % of the car's capability. This does not mean they lose control, it means they can no longer put the vehicle where they want to put the vehicle. After 40 plus years of conducting driver training programs, Tony Scotti would say that number is accurate and may be optimistic. 

What can you expect to experience as you drive through a corner at increasing speeds and increasing use of the vehicle's capability. 

The question, what percentage of using the vehicle is?

  • Good
  • Passable
  • Minimum 

The research is done by engineers. They will never use the expression “bad driver.” They express usage of the vehicles as:

If a driver can use 80 percent of the vehicle, he is a good driver.

If a driver can use 60 percent of the vehicle, he is an average driver.

If a driver can use 30 percent of the vehicle, he is an inexperienced driver (who should consider walking).


If you are using 60% of the vehicle's capability:

It will require constant attention, you can probably carry on a conversation, but you have to be paying attention to the road, and keeping your eyes focused on what’s in front of you.  The handling characteristics of the vehicle become evident.


If you are using 70% of the vehicle's capability:

Your attention needs to be very high.  If you are an above average driver the fun factor has gone up. The fun factor may be increasing for you, but the fun factor is definitely decreasing for your passengers,


80% of the vehicle capability: 

80% and above requires complete attention to the driving task. This is difficult and requires skill that comes from training, if you can accomplish this you are above average. You need to be ready for bad things to happen. Those handling characteristics that became evident at 60% will be slapping you in the face – you will have to use every bit of your skill to maintain control, and the fun factor is decreasing at a rapid rate.


90% of the vehicle capability: 

This will be too fast for anyone but a trained driver with a lot of experience. Small movements of the controls will create a loss of control. By this time fun is not the operative word. Even if the passengers are belted in the force will be so high that they will have a hard time moving their hands and arms. Small amounts of debris or imperfections in the road surface become real hazards. The question the passengers had about your sanity has been answered. 

100 % of the vehicle capability:   

This would be driving at a speed that allows for no error and no unknown irregularity in the course or conditions. The vehicle will more than likely be sliding sideways.  If sanity is intact, apprehension is present.  




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