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Feb 9, 2021

The Essence of Security Driving is Found in the Security Drivers Triangle.

The driver's ability to avoid vehicle violence does not depend solely on their ability to control the vehicle. A driver is at the mercy of the environment and of the vehicle, they are driving.

Driving, any form of driving, is a balance, and that balance is called the "driving system." The driving system is made up of three components: THE DRIVER, THE MACHINE, and THE ENVIRONMENT. In our world, it is called the Security Drivers Triangle. If a triangle's failure causes an accident or a successful ambush, the driver, the vehicle, or the environment failed.

The Driving System is taken from an age-old concept called "The Safety Triangle." The Safety Triangle is made up of three components:  THE MAN, THE MACHINE, and THE ENVIRONMENT. It was initially used around the beginning of the industrial revolution when people started to interact with machines. The Safety Triangle was used as a tool to prevent industrial accidents – merely pointing out that when an accident occurs, it is caused by one of the components of the Safety Triangle failing. The automotive industry adopted the concept and called it the Driving System and used the idea to define accident causation. Five decades back, the Scotti School used the same model to describe Security Driving and Secure Transportation.

Our model redefined the Triangle's corners to reflect the Security Driver and Secure Transportation profession's needs. Suppose there is a vehicle accident or a successful act of vehicle violence, one of three things failed. In that case, The Man – which is the Driver, the Machine – which is the Vehicle or the Environment – which in our model is not only weather, road conditions, etc. – it includes the security environment.

Visit the show notes to read more on the Security Drivers Triangle available at SecurityDriver.Com/Podcast